We are proud to offer assessments and individual counseling sessions both online and in-person.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Individual and Group Sessions

Our clients are placed in a level of care based on ASAM, the American Society of Addictive Medicine criteria.   We offer individual and group counseling sessions based on client need. 

General Outpatient – Longer-term Substance Abuse Treatment Program

If substance use has become more severe or more frequent, long-term substance abuse treatment services available.  The longer-term treatment consists of approximately 9 to 12 weeks of group substance abuse counseling consisting of 12-20 group sessions.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is based the following ideas. First, there are predictable warning signs that occur prior to relapse and second, relapse can be prevented if people learn how to recognize and address early warning signs.

Telehealth Individual Sessions

We are available to connect individually with our clients. We will connect virtually one-on-one for anyone that feels more at ease doing so. All interactions are HIPPA compliant. No special equipment is required on your end.

Payment Options

 Cash or Credit Card*

Client Services:

Intake Assessment/Individual Counseling $120.00 per hour of service
Group Counseling Services $40.00 per hour of service
Fees may be adjusted down in 5% increments but no less than a 50% reduction.

Subsidy Fee Schedule based on household income:

Yearly Income Ind Hour Grp Hour
$0 to $25,000 50% $60 $20
$25,001 to $30,000 55% $66 $22
$30,001 to $35,000 60% $72 $24
$35,0001 to $40,000 65% $78 $26
$40,001 to $45,000 70% $84 $28
$45,001 to $50,000 75% $90 $30
$50,001 to $55,000 80% $96 $32
$55,001 to $60,000 85% $102 $34
$60,001 to $65,000 90% $108 $36
$65,001 to $70,000 95% $114 $38
$70,001 and up 100% $120 $40
*A 5% surcharge is added to all credit card payments to cover bank processing fees.

Substance Use Disorder Counseling PURPOSE STATEMENT:

To show Cabin Village & Associates, LLC (CVA) philosophy along with identifying both the company’s Purpose and Mission.


CVA strives to be a leader and innovator in the substance abuse field.  CVA is committed to excellence, respect for the individual, and the belief that individuals with substance use disorder can recover.

CVA believes that its programs reflect the belief that individuals, regardless of their level of psychological impairment, can be rehabilitated to their maximum potential.  The goal of treatment is to assist members to live in less restrictive settings at a lower cost of care, as soon as the individual achieves an appropriate level of personal responsibility.

CVA has defined its mission as:

Cabin Village & Associates, LLC will deliver and manage excellent services and systems of care for persons with substance use disorder.

CVA has defined its organizational purpose as:

We exist to help people with substance use disorder realize their full potential.